The Drum Slate: Drum Stands United Behind the Following Programatic Demands

Undated [1960s]. Paperback. Broadside Poster. Undated [1960s]. 58 x 76cm. Unframed. A nice display piece for someone interested in union militancy. The Drum Slate appears to have been a group of African American members of the United Auto Workers. There is a photograph of 10 African Americans (perhaps "The Drum Slate") across the top of the poster below which are 16 numbered paragraphs detailing their wide-ranging demands/positions on a variety of subjects. Among their demands/positions: (1) the U.A.W. should fire Walter Reuther and replace him with an African American president; (2) African Americans should have control of U.A.W. spending on political campaigns; (3) an end to U.A.W. "collusion" with the C.I.A., F.B.I. and all other "white racist spy institutions"; and (4) an end to the Vietnam War. Very Good. Item #53731

Price: $200.00